Monday, October 15, 2012

Rochelle Adonis high tea

My darling sister-in-law Ruthie is about three weeks away from giving birth to her second child, so the lovely Ishi suggested that we take her out for high tea at Rochelle Adonis in Northbridge.

Oh.  My.  Goodness.

The food at this place is AHMAHHHHHZING.

Before food shots, though, here's a nice photo of the three of us:

Nice right?  Ant took it for us sitting on the bed.  (Please excuse my dopey face I was quite tired.)

Okie dokie.  Shots at Rochelle Adonis.
General ambience shots before the food arrives.  It's a very sweet little shop with a mismatched collection of vintage china and silverware.  It's really small so bookings are essential.  (Dunno why all my shots seem so dingy on upload.  The lighting wasn't great where we were sitting, but I didn't think it was that bad.)

Savoury course arrives!
There's mushroom pie on celeriac puree, a Moroccan lamb meatball with slow-cooked vegetables, a sort-of insalata Caprese (but cooked so that it is safe for preggy ladies, v. thoughtful) and a fish croquette with aioli.
 More of the same.  Included this shot to explain how I nearly came to drink salad dressing whilst distracted by conversation - that serving dish is easily mistaken by your hand for a water glass, right?  Anyway the food was incredible.  My favourite is probably the mushroom pie but it's all a pretty close competition.  However having said that, for me it all paled in comparison to the desserts *^^*

Strawberry sorbet palate cleanser before the dessert platter arrived.  Here it is!
That shot doesn't do justice to the majesty of the desserts, so here's one I pinched from Ish's instagram *^^*
Yum yum yum.  Thanks Ish!  Time for individual portraits and explanations:
Top row: chocolate churros with chocolate ganache; rhubarb tart with orange and pistachio
Bottom row: strawberry and buttermilk pannacotta; salted caramel sundae on baklava

For me the big winner of the day was the salted caramel sundae.  It looks quiet and unassuming but I assure you that it was heaven in a cup.  I wish I had a jar of that salted caramel sauce with me right now, and a big spoon *^^*  I was seriously contemplating using my fingers to dig out every last little bit of sauce from the bowl, it really was that good.

So after dessert we rolled back to my place and lounged around for a while which was really nice :)  I don't have girlfriends over to my house very much for some reason!  So it was really lovely to have the girls come round.  Thanks so much to Ish for coming up with the idea, and to Ruth and her belly for being a nice excuse to hang out and eat yummy food :)


Off to have my teeth out in a couple of hours :X  Do not wanttttttttt.

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